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There’s nothing like getting a good workout in! It makes me feel happy, gives me a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, not to mention that my body is getting healthier and more aesthetic each and every day.

But to reach my goals, I know I have to stay consistent with my training. This means that:

  • I work out when I’m on vacation, travelling, at a festival, or skiing
  • If I don’t have time to go to the gym, I still manage to get a full workout in at home
  • I do everything I can to make the most out of my gym-sessions

Using these pieces of equipment, you can do the same!

Working out on the go

Finding a way to do quality pulling exercises can be challenging while you’re on the go. This light-weighted pull-up bar can be set up in under a minute in just about any doorframe you will find. It’s really sturdy and durable, so you don’t have to worry about falling off. Since it barely takes up any space, and is very light-weighted, you can take it with you just about anywhere you travel! No more excuses for skipping pull-day on a vacation!

These elastic bands are capable of helping you replicate a large variety of gym exercises. Whether you want to do assisted pull-ups, bench presses (with the help of the pull-up bar), or any exercise you normally do with a cable-machine, these bands are here to help you! Their weight is barely noticeable, and they fit into the smallest suitcase, or even a small backpack without a problem – you can literally take them anywhere!

Having a set of rings is a great way to make sure you can do a wide variety of exercises, regardless of where you are! Just strap them on to a tree, a hook, or even your pull-up bar, and you’re all set to go! Pull-ups, chin-ups, inverted rows, one legged bodyweight-squats, and push-up variations are just some of the amazing exercises you can do with just these set of rings! I definitely recommend you check them out – they’re extremely affordable, high-quality, functional, and very transportable.

If you want a little more excitement that doing just push-up variations for your push-days, you’ll definitely want to check out this amazing transportable dip-station! While it won’t fit into your smallest backpack, it can be disassembled into smaller parts in under a minute, and put together again without using any tools. This dip station will open up a whole new world of push exercises you can do whenever you don’t have access to a proper gym.

Create a home-gym

If you’re building a home-gym, you probably don’t have the space for a set of dumbbells, covering the range of weights you use for all of your exercises (not to mention the different rep-ranges). You probably don’t want to spend thousands of euros (or dollars) on a proper set of dumbbells. Introducing a pair of adjustable dumbbells, where you can easily adjust the weight between 2,25 kgs and 40,5 kgs! The best part? It’s a great value for your money, and it all fits in the corner of your room!

Using a very similar concept as the dumbbells, this adjustable kettlebell is perfect for any type of kettlebell (or medicine-ball) workout – regardless of whether you’re aiming for a strength workout or a cardio session! You can easily adjust the weight of this kettlebell from 3,6 kgs all the way up to 18 kgs! Finally, you won’t need loads of kettlebells and medicine-balls rolling around your house; you’ll only need one – this one!

Probably the best piece of equipment to sculpt your abs, this ab-roller should definitely be part of your home gym. Using this ab-wheel, you can burn your abs out in just a few minutes – and experience ab-development like never before! With that being said, make sure you learn to use this ab-roller with correct form to avoid injury while maximizing ab-contraction. Also, don’t forget the eternal truth: six-packs are made in the kitchen, not the gym!

Gym accessories

Using gloves for working out ensures that your hands don’t slip on the weights or the bar when working out. Sure, you can use chalk too, but gloves will also make sure you don’t completely ruin your skin on the palms of your hands. These flexible gloves are really high quality with anti-slip gel-pads, and a breathable design – perfect for any workout!

There were times when I wanted to get a good workout in, and do great exercises such as the deadlift, rows, or shrugs. Still, I often found that I couldn’t load the bar up as much as I wanted to – to really fatigue my target-muscles for the given exercise – because my grip couldn’t handle the weight. Although I do recommend strengthening your grip regularly, I also believe that grip strength shouldn’t prevent you from hitting your other muscles as hard as you can. These padded straps take some of the load off of your grip, so you can actually target your other muscles effectively!

Whenever you’re doing heavy exercises for which stabilizing your spine and increasing abdominal pressure are crucial (squats, deadlifts, OHPs, etc.), you should be wearing a weight-lifting belt. A weight-lifting belt will not only help prevent injury – especially when lifting close to your 1RM – but it will help improve your form and increase the weights you can handle on the given exercise. As a bonus, a weight-lifting belt can also be used to set yourself up for weighted pull-ups! I recommend using this belt, since it’s made of high-quality leather, and has a very durable build.

If joint- or muscle pain is stopping you from hitting your workouts as hard as possible, this targeted topical will do the trick! Using natural non-psychoactive cannabinoids, this cream instantly targets and soothes any muscle- or joint irritation that you may have, while also strengthening your skin. I’ve found that it also works great as a pre- or post-workout cream whenever I really need a little extra!

You should have a separate pair of gym shoes; you should be using a towel at the gym to not sweat all over the equipment; you might want to take a shower and change clothes afterwards; and some of us even like packing some protein powder, a shaker, and even a pre-workout for the gym. If you’re looking for a challenge, I guess you could carry everything in your hands – but why would you, when you can have this badass gym-bag instead?

If you’re taking almost any kind of supplement, you’re probably familiar with shakers. Most shakers out there are almost exactly the same, but the one thing I find that makes this one better than all the rest is that it’s made out of  stain- odor- and mold-resistant BPA-free plastic. This means that it won’t start smelling like shit after just a few weeks of use (like most other shakers out there).

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