Secrets of the beach body illusion – one month

I have to start off by telling you something... There's no way you're going to get an amazing and aesthetic physique – envied by every man and admired by every woman – in just one month if you've never lifted a single dumbbell in your life, or if you spend most of your days eating... Continue Reading →

Did you know? My mind-blowing fitness discoveries

I started training at home – doing 100 pushups every night before taking a shower – as a young teenager, eager to get bigger and stronger. I had zero – and I really mean zero – knowledge about anything I was doing – workouts, recovery, diets, and even mindsets. I didn't even know how to... Continue Reading →

Everything you need to know about protein powder

Probably the most common – and misunderstood – supplement out there is protein powder. Almost all supplement companies have some sort of protein among their products, with whey-protein being the most wide-spread. But what is protein powder? Will it really help you grow muscle, and do you need it at all? Protein powder isn't some... Continue Reading →

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