Trendy and Stupid: The Most Dangerous “Healthy” Hype-Diets

Eating has never been so complicated! The world is full of people desperate to do something about their health, get in shape as quickly as possible and lose fat or build muscle – before summer really comes. There's an enormous demand for nutritional advice – and if I'm not wrong about economics, there has to... Continue Reading →

Get Ripped, Shredded & Aesthetic – Amazing Physique In A Week

Not long ago I did a post about building the best body possible in as little as one month – in case you're panicking that summer's almost here, you can check out that post at Secrets Of The Beach-Body Illusion – One Month. In that post you'll find plenty of information on how to build... Continue Reading →

Overcome Societal Limitations And Boost Your Dating Life

Think about your favorite action movie: you know, the one with the badass secret agent (or superhero?) with the fighting skills of at least 30 Bruce Lees. (Warning: spoilers coming up!) This unbelievably amazing guy suddenly finds himself in a tight situation, fights evil, goes through an emotional struggle in the background, saves the world... Continue Reading →

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