Secrets of the beach body illusion – one month

I have to start off by telling you something…

There’s no way you’re going to get an amazing and aesthetic physique – envied by every man and admired by every woman – in just one month if you’ve never lifted a single dumbbell in your life, or if you spend most of your days eating chips and drinking beer while binge-watching Homeland on Netflix (actually a pretty good show, but you get my point).

With that being said, I do believe that you can look unimaginably better and get closer to having an aesthetic body than you’ve ever dared to fantasize in just one month if you know what to focus on. It’s not just training and diet – it’s also knowing a thing or two about magic (ok, maybe not magic; more like creating illusions).

In this article I’m on a mission to help you achieve that look. If you’ve skipped the gym all winter (and the better part of spring), and you didn’t give a shit about your diet for most of the year, you still have time for one last desperate attempt to get an OK body for the summer in the little time still left – I’m here to make sure you do better. But promise me you’ll start training and eating better after summer…

Beach parties, vacations, and festivals – beware!

Beach body = Diet?

Ah yes, the foundation of everything… (You didn’t actually think I’d leave diet out, did you?)

Maybe you’re skinny…
Maybe you’re fat…
Maybe you’re skinny-fat…
Or maybe you just want to burn those last few kgs of fat (in this case I recommend you check out my article on cutting).

Either way, just as abs are made in the kitchen, bodies are also made in the kitchen (among other places…like the gym). I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: you can’t out-train a bad diet!

So, it’s time to start counting calories and macros… (No, it’s not girly, it’s not a meat-head thing, and it’s not even too much of a hassle!)

If you’re skinny, you need to start eating! Seriously, open your mouth, insert food, chew, swallow – and repeat! To build muscle, you need to eat more calories than your body needs to maintain itself. It’s really that simple! Experiment with the right amount of food, but keep in mind that you should be gaining weight consistently (without getting fat, obviously) – otherwise, you’re probably not eating enough!

If you’re fat though, you need to do a serious cut – with a caloric intake of about 20%-25% below your maintenance-levels. This is going to suck. You will suffer. But you will survive – and boom; just like that, you’ll look way better than you do now.

Either way, you should aim for a high-protein diet, eating about 2 grams of protein per kg of lean bodyweight. You can achieve this purely through your diet (although it isn’t an easy task, especially if you weigh more than a duck), or you can check out this all-natural and delicious whey-isolate protein supplement that will help you with those last 20-40 grams of protein every day (also, not bad for a snack…just saying).

Train for aesthetics

This is advice I don’t usually give…

I like a balanced training plan; one that doesn’t overemphasize (or underemphasize) any muscle or muscle-group; one that makes you strong, athletic, and also – no shit – aesthetic.

But if you have only one month to look jacked (and that’s your only goal for the month), then you should focus more on those typical aesthetic muscles: your side-delts, chest, biceps, triceps, traps, lats, and abs. I’m not saying you shouldn’t train your other muscles at all, but hit these muscles multiple times a week with multiple sets of various exercises (even if this means sacrificing a few sets of other muscle groups).

I recommend you train 5 times a week, hitting abs and obliques every day (2 times hard, 2 times moderately, and once lightly), and the rest of these muscles 3 times a week (hit them hard 2 times, and moderately once a week). Also, don’t forget: you should be training for hypertrophy (I’ll write an article about this soon – follow Vikingfinity so you don’t miss it)!

Start tanning

Did you know that your bodyshots (I’m talking about photography…duh) look better if you add a little more contrast to the photo? Your muscles will just pop out more and look more defined. This is also why fitness-models like to take pictures in good lighting, and why bodybuilders spray-tan themselves before a competition.

The same goes for you – in real life! If you get a decent tan, you’ll have the illusion of a better physique. Now, luckily you still have a whole month to go – so you don’t need to use any of that spray-tan shit. You can get a natural tan – in a healthy, non-extreme way – by spending some time shirtless outside every day. Just a piece of advice: do it without your watch or sunglasses…

Boost your looks with supplements

Regardless of what your body-type is, this is the time to start taking supplements seriously. No, they won’t transform you overnight, but if you have one month to look your absolute best, they will give you the extra boost you need.


My all-time favorite supplement: the pre-workout. If I could only take one supplement, this would be it for sure! But it’s not on the list just because it’s my personal favorite; taking a pre-workout all the way through your one-month transformation will help you in more ways than one:

  • You will be able push yourself harder in the gym, resulting in either more gains, or more fat-loss (or if you’re a total beginner: both)
  • You’ll get a HUGE pump on a daily basis, so eventually you’ll get that badass veiny look naturally – even when you’re not working out
  • You’ll always have the energy and motivation to hit the gym, so you’ll never skip a session (which is crucial, since remember, you only have one month…)

I’ve tried at least 20 different pre-workouts so far, but honestly none of them come even close to this one! On most days even half a dose gets me going – but I still take the full dose whenever I want to become the beast!


Creatine is one of my basic supplements that I take year-round. Usually I’d recommend taking one dose (5 grams) a day, preferably after your workouts. But since you only have one month, you’ll need to do something that I otherwise really hate…

You’ll need to have a loading phase, taking about 20 grams each day for 6 days before you return to the baseline dose of 5 grams per day. Despite being extremely cheap, creatine is the jewel of this list, since:

  • It will draw water to your muscle-cells, resulting in a bigger, fuller look (part of the illusion)
  • You will either keep more of your muscles (if you need to cut), or build muscles faster (if you need to bulk)
  • You’ll have more strength…and remember: more strength = better workouts = more muscles/less fat

If you’re looking for something that’s dirt-cheap but still high quality, I recommend checking out this creatine supplement. But if you have a little extra to spend, and you’re looking for the best-of-the-best (boosted with some scientifically proven muscle-building ingredients), this is the one you should go for!


Ok, Forge is not technically a type of supplement. But it’s so unique, that I just decided to call it by its name. Forge is a pre-workout fat-burner, meaning that it will help you burn more fat during your workouts, while preserving your muscle-mass. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you should take Forge if you have some fat you want to ged rid of (if you’re skinny, then just spend your money on ice-cream instead – seriously).

With that being said, taking Forge will:

  • Help you burn more fat during your workouts
  • Preserve your hard-earned muscle-mass when cutting
  • Give you more energy when doing fasted workouts

I think these benefits definitely justify giving Forge a go. Note that I believe Forge is the least important supplement on this list – if you’re limited in what you can buy, just go for the other two! Otherwise, buy Forge here, and experience the full power of supplements!

Start working on your posture

You can be lean…
You can be muscular…
You can be veiny…
You can have everything to look like a Greek god
And you can still end up looking like fucking Quasimodo!

If your posture is shit, you’ll look like shit no matter what you do. No matter how good your body is, bad posture will give you the illusion of a shitty and unhealthy body (spoiler alert: if you’re “not that fit” to begin with, bad posture will make you look even worse).

But really: if you put in all the time and effort to go to the gym… If you fought through the pain and pushed yourself as hard as you could… If you resisted your cravings and made sacrifices to have a good diet… If you spent your hard-earned money on supplements… Then why the fuck would you ruin everything by having bad posture?!?

You won’t get good posture overnight though: you can focus on your posture for a few minutes – maybe a few hours – but eventually you’ll forget, and your posture will go back to its natural state. This is why you have to start working on it initially: to have good posture naturally – without paying any attention to it – within a month. Focus every day, and consciously improve the most important aspects of your posture:

  • Keep your neck straight, and your head high (almost as if there were a string pulling upwards attached to the top of your head)
  • Squeeze your shoulder-blades back and pop your chest out to the front
  • Slightly flex your abs and your glutes when standing

These are just the basics, but they’re a good start. You don’t have to look like you swallowed a broomstick, but make sure your posture emphasizes your strengths – instead of hiding them. After a while, you won’t have to concentrate on your posture anymore, since your body will have become used to it. Having good posture will grant you the illusion of a more aesthetic physique – which is exactly what you’re after!

There you have it, my top tips to get your summer body (or at least the illusion of it) ready for, well, summer. You have to realize, that some of this advice is by no means sustainable – or even healthy – in the long-run. Still, you can give yourself one month (or ideally a little more) and take my advice to make sure you crush it whenever you take your shirt off in those warmer months! And after summer, it’s time to take fitness more seriously (remember, you promised), so you won’t need to rely on hacks, tricks, and illusions ever again…

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you did, I’m happy to announce that I’ll be releasing a similar one week and instant beach body transformation article very soon – follow Vikingfinity so you don’t miss it! If you liked this article, let me know by smashing that like button and share your thoughts in the comments too!

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    1. Usually I aim to eat around 2 grams of protein per kg of lean bodyweight, to maintain my muscle mass as much as possible. As for the rest of my calories, I try to get about 70% of them from carbs (to maintain my power and strength in the gym), the other 30% from healthy fats. Still, I’m only strict with myself when it comes to protein and calories, I just tend to “estimate” the rest 😁


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