4 unwanted superpowers guaranteed to destroy your chances with women

There are some superheroes who we look up to – who use their incredible powers to fight evil, rescue the world, and become role-models for every young boy inspired by their story. Well, this is not a list of those heroes…

Let me introduce you to the Unfantastic 4: men who just never seem to understand women. These four categories of men have the power to scare away women faster than anything else – so, if you want to up your game, you’ll want to make sure you don’t posses any of these powers!

Still, if you recognize yourself as one of the unfortunate members of the Unfantastic 4, there is hope – actually, identifying the problem is the first step in improving yourself to burst out of this squad. In my earlier years, I’ve been in all four roles of the Unfantastic 4 – an experience that really sucked back then, but eventually led me to learn valuable lessons about women to improve my skills to where I am today. It is possible to get rid of these superpowers on your journey of reaching your full potential, but it will take a lot of work. So, if you’re ready, give it up for the Unfantastic 4!

1. The Creep

Definition: The Creep is the most powerful natural deterrent of women – thus the leader of the Unfantastic 4 squad. His insecurities disable him from showing his true side to women – as he usually tries to stay invisible to attractive girls, while secretly fantasizing about spending time with them. On the rare occasions that he does interact with them, he usually gets rejected, because women feel uncomfortable in his presence. This is mainly due to his inexperience, sexual insecurities and frustrations – although other factors can also come into play. Getting into awkward situations by creeping women out only fuels his insecurities by making him feel less of a man, or less of a person even. In the most extreme cases this distorted self-image may lead to aggression and hatred – towards women and himself.

Main Characteristics:

  • Does not take action even when it’s clear he’s interested in a girl
  • Most of his rare attempts towards women come off as awkward and creepy – even if he does the right thing, he usually does it the wrong way
  • His – mainly sexual – insecurities and frustrations come to surface regularly, giving off a creepy vibe towards women
  • This creepy vibe makes women feel at unease with him, thus triggering these awkward situations
  • He’s also very uncomfortable around women – especially attractive women – as he’s inexperienced and doesn’t know what to do and how to do it

2. The Douche

Definition: The Douche is the one who seems confident at first – approaching girls with an invisible mask on. He brags to girls about his achievements and successes, hoping to prove his value and amuse them. He likes to keep other men in order around himself, trying to dominate them by using (usually) verbal force. Despite appearing to be confident on the outside, his true self will quickly be revealed once things don’t go his way or if he feels that he’s losing control over the situation. He’ll quickly become overly defensive, aggressive, and confused as his insecurities start surfacing. He takes rejection as a personal insult, as it ruins his image of being the alpha who can get any girl.

Main Characteristics:

  • Seems comfortable and confident as long as he gets exactly what he wants – but he loses it in the face of uncertainty, or when things don’t go his way
  • Tries to dominate and control others by using (usually verbal) force
  • Takes every opportunity to show off his power by bragging about himself and making jokes at the expense of others
  • Gets irritated – or even aggressive – when something doesn’t go his way
  • Finds it especially hard to accept rejection from women
  • Tries to keep his image as the alpha at all cost – even if it means lying or verbally abusing others

3. The Nice-guy

Definition: The most common member of the Unfantastic 4, The Nice-guy tries to manipulate women into falling in love with him by constantly pleasing them, giving them validation, and by being always available. He laughs at shitty jokes, agrees to do unrealistically big favors, showers the girl with pathetic gestures, and drops hints – all in the hopes of manipulating her into liking him. The Nice-guy doesn’t realize that women can see through his act – women usually sense that he’s not being genuine and honest; that he wants something from them in return for his kindness.

Main Characteristics:

  • Submits himself completely to women (especially women he finds attractive)
  • Goes to extreme lengths to please and validate a girl – only in an attempt to manipulate her into liking him
  • Acts like he doesn’t have balls – literally – thus usually ends up in the friend-zone
  • Treats attractive women very differently than he would treat a normal person
  • Is always available and is never willing to walk away – he puts up with all kinds of shit, and lets women walk all over him
  • He believes that through all the sacrifices and gestures he made, he’s earned to be with the girl – and so he gets confused and angry when the girl he deserves chooses to be with someone else instead of him
  • Is scared to express his attraction directly, dropping indirect clues hoping that the girl will eventually make the move on him

4. The Idiot

Definition: And finally, The Idiot is the goof-ball who seems to be able to joke around effortlessly and make a fool out of himself without a second thought. At first glance, he seems to be at peace with himself, having all the confidence in the world – and sometimes that can actually be the case. The Idiot likes to be the center of attention by constantly trying to over-perform his previous stupid shit just to get noticed and make others laugh. When it comes to women, approaching isn’t The Idiot’s main issue; his problem is stepping out from the comfort of being perceived as an idiot, and showing his true self by expressing his genuine interest for the girl. For this reason, women usually laugh at the idiot, but rarely ever do they take him seriously and perceive him as an attractive man.

Main Characteristics:

  • Craves to be at the center of attention by doing stupid shit just to make others laugh
  • Hides his true self behind humor and idiocracy – thus women don’t take him seriously, and rarely perceive him as an attractive man
  • It often seems as if he’s purposefully making a fool out of himself in front of women, or that he’s purposefully ruining whatever chance he had to begin with
  • He’s the drunkest one at the party, constantly upping the level of stupidity he’s willing to engage in just to stand out and get noticed

The common theme

All four members of the Unfantastic 4 have one thing in common: their superpowers to somehow scare women away all derive from their lack of confidence. All four types of men lack the confidence to take risks and show their true selves to women – afraid that they might get rejected, or even laughed at if they do. They try to overcompensate for their insecurities in some pathetic way, or they just avoid women altogether, while struggling with their natural desires and interests towards women. Whenever they do interact with women, they come across as fake – making the girl wonder what their true intentions are.

The good news is that if you’ve recognized yourself in any of these categories, there is a way to get rid of your unwanted superpowers:

  • Read books focused on developing confidence, improving your women-skills, and becoming a more charismatic version of yourself.
  • Read my other posts on adopting some key mindsets and habits to actually become a confident alpha male – without having to fake it.
  • Get out there, experiment, and gain new experiences! You will fail a few times, but you’ll learn valuable lessons along the way – improving yourself one small step at a time.

In today’s post, I tried something a little different than what I usually do with my blog – I’m very curious to read your thoughts about it in the comments, so I can use your feedback in all of my future posts! Also, if you enjoyed reading this article, make sure to follow Vikingfinity! I release posts just like this every Tuesday and every Friday, and you don’t want to miss them.

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