Top 3 mistakes when developing your own style

When I finally decided to ditch my old wardrobe of over-sized and ugly T-shirts, baggy jeans, and weird shoes, I felt good about myself. I was getting rid of all the ugly shit that stacked up in my closet over the years, and was ready to start experimenting with brand new stuff.

I was finally on my way to develop my very own sense of style.

Still, I could have found what works for me a lot sooner, while saving countless hours spent shopping and a shitload of money, if only I were more aware of what I was actually doing – and why I was doing it.

Now don’t get me wrong: I’m all for experimenting in the process of finding your own style! You will make mistakes along the way – and that will be OK. But some of my decisions were influenced by external factors and insecurities – instead of my own judgement and confidence.

To help you avoid wasting your time and money on stuff that won’t do anything to boost your appearance, I’ll lay out the 3 biggest mistakes I made when I started experimenting with my style.

1. Spending on logos and brands

I thought that wearing fancy brands will make me look cool. So, some of my shirts and other clothes had huge logos printed on them – Levi’s, Nike, Armani, Tom Tailor, and Tommy Hilfiger, just to name a few. I thought that these logos will show the world that I’m a man who appreciates quality – and is willing to spend on his appearance.

In reality, I was just voluntarily turning myself into a free ad for these brands. I was a walking-talking advertising-column promoting someone else’s clothing company – while actually paying ridiculous amounts of money to do so.

Sure, the fancy logos gave me a false sense of style; but focusing on the brands rather than having good fit caused me to buy clothes that looked shitty on me or didn’t match anything else from my wardrobe.

You have to realize that fancy brands and logos won’t make you better-looking – it’s actually kind of awkward to be the one paying to promote a brand (instead of the other way around)! Instead, focus on finding clothes that fit you well and complement your overall appearance – while spending your hard-earned money on gaining new experiences or learning new skills!

2. Fear of becoming “girly”

A real man is hairy and has coarse skin. A real man doesn’t wear bracelets, necklaces, or shiny watches. A real man has a natural smell. It’s unmanly to give a shit about how you look… – all BS that prevented me from experimenting with my style.

The stereotypical real man – hairy, smelly, and unstylish – is a man living inside of most of our imaginations, causing insecurities and even shame every time we want to step out of our comfort-zones with our styles. The fear of being perceived as feminine can severely limit what we are willing to do with our overall appearances.

Now, I’m not saying that you should start wearing lipstick, dresses, and high-heels. But…
It’s not feminine to wear accessories, or to use a fragrance.
It’s not unmanly to wear skinny jeans, V-necks, or certain colors.
It’s not girly to have good hygiene, develop a manscaping routine, and to use face- and body-lotions.

Don’t let an outdated – and fucked up – image of what a real man should look like limit your ability to experiment with your style and look your best!

3. Going too extreme

I got swag! – I thought to myself right before fucking up my appearance for the night. I finally had the confidence to wear whatever I wanted to, and look however I wanted to – without the fear of judgement – and I was ready to show the world just how confident I was. I didn’t realize that this was counterproductive – not only to my overall appearance, but to my mindsets and my long-term confidence as well.

Having the confidence to experiment with your style does not mean that you should purposefully fuck your appearance up just to brag about your newly found confidence. Confidence means that in the process of developing your own sense of style, you are willing to take some risks, while fully accepting that you’ll inevitably make some mistakes in the process! It’s one thing to make a mistake while trying to improve your appearance, and it’s a whole other thing to become a try-hard, aiming to impress the world by showing just how little you care about others’ opinions about your looks.

Having a few non-conventional features to your appearance is perfectly fine. In fact, you should be willing to take risks by trying things that most people aren’t willing to try – whether it’s getting a unique haircut, growing a beard, wearing accessories, or having a few uncommon pieces of clothing in your wardrobe! But you should do this with the goal of finding your very own style – and not to show off your confidence by scandalizing others!

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