Become your “attractive twin”

As I wrote in my other post: …and you will be invincible!: you can’t control how you look genetically. So, you just have to stop worrying about the uncontrollable aspects of your appearance, and accept yourself the way you were born.

Maybe you have a big nose, or ears like Dumbo…
Maybe you aren’t as tall as you’d like to be…
Maybe you’re going bald, or your facial hair is growing in patches…
Maybe you have the male version of a resting bitch face

There’s absolutely no need to run to a plastic surgeon, or to search for a “magic pill” on the internet to fix your problems; your only real problem is that you’re not accepting yourself for who you are.

With that being said, you shouldn’t use this as an excuse to be sloppy and disgusting: contrary to today’s politically correct claims, not everyone is beautiful the way they are. Not because some people were born ugly; but because some people just take not giving a shit about how they look or smell to a whole new level – sometimes to unhealthy levels even. Beauty is subjective – health and hygiene are not.

But to become more attractive, doing everything you can to look – and ideally be – healthy and having a good personal hygiene routine are only the basics. If you want to be good-looking, you should take control over the things you actually have power over, while accepting the uncontrollable aspects of your physical appearance. After all, there’s way more to who you are than just your looks, but your physical appearance does tell the world a thing or two about who you are…

1. Your body

You don’t need to be a fitness model to get girls, and you don’t need to be the next Schwarzenegger to feel good about yourself. But you need to take care of your body, work out regularly, and eat healthy at least 80% of the time!

I could go on and on about all the health benefits of working out and having a decent diet, and how being stronger and healthier will improve your mood and confidence; but right now I’ll just concentrate on what improving your body actually means in terms of attractiveness.

It means you have determination. Will-power. Self-respect. It means you are consistently willing to sacrifice short-term comfort for your greater goals. It means you are a fighter – a champion –, who challenges himself every single day – and wins. And guess what? With an athletic body, you are signalling all of these traits to the world for others to see others.

Being physically strong is very masculine. Even in today’s modern world, other men will respect raw power to a certain degree on a biological level, and women find an athletic body sexy as hell – yes, biologically. Having an aesthetic body is attractive. Period.

But you’re not doing it for others, nor for external validation – you’re improving your body primarily for yourself. As you push your limits from day-to-day and increase your will-power, your confidence will also follow: you will expand your comfort-zone, overcome your own laziness, and be surprised at how much you can achieve. Your testosterone levels will also increase, making you more masculine – again, biologically! All of this will translate – both directly and indirectly – to becoming more attractive.

2. Your style

A boy wears random shit that his grandma buys him for Christmas, while a man has the confidence to develop his own style. Wearing clothes that actually fit you well, developing your own sense of style, and having the confidence to experiment with new clothes, new accessories, new fragrances, or even new haircuts will instantly make you more attractive – and not only on the outside!

From the outside, you will stick out of the crowd of mediocrely dressed men if you dress better or differently. You will not only look better with clothes that fit you and complement your overall appearance, but others – including women – will sense that you have the confidence to be different; especially if you’re different in a good way.

But you will also feel good about yourself on the inside: you – and not others – made conscious choices to determine the way you look, giving you a sense of control, confidence and satisfaction.

Improving your style is probably the easiest thing you can do to boost your physical appearance today. All you need are some ideas on how to develop your own sense of style, a little money to spend (you don’t need that much: fancy logos and custom-made shit won’t make you look better), and the confidence to start experimenting!

3. Your grooming habits

This is something that a lot of men tend to overlook – despite being so simple to do! Having decent grooming habits can mean the difference between looking fresh or coming across as a slob.

Long – and maybe even dirty – nails, an untamed beard, a bad haircut, or unwanted hairs in all the wrong places will make you physically less attractive. Being well-groomed won’t make you Prince Charming instantly; but it will ensure you don’t gross girls out by being sloppy!

Having good grooming habits means that you take care of your facial hair, get a haircut every few weeks, have a proper manscaping routine, and cut your nails regularly. Basic stuff, but nonetheless things that you should never neglect!

4. Personal hygiene

Similarly, being clean and smelling fresh won’t make you instantly more attractive; but smelling bad, being dirty, having stains on your clothes, or having a yellow smile will instantly make you unattractive – regardless of all the other things you do with your physical appearance.

You should always aim to look and smell fresh. Take a shower, brush your teeth, floss, put on some clean clothes, use a deodorant, spray some cologne on your wrists and neck, and pop in some gum. Don’t shoot yourself on the foot by not paying attention to your personal hygiene – the most basic aspect of looking good! You don’t want to gross girls – or in general: people – out, especially when you’re on a journey of self-improvement: it becomes very difficult to become charismatic, develop communication-skills, build social-confidence, or improve with women if people want to stay away from you – more specifically your scruffiness and foul smell!

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